Desk of Governing Body

Prof. H.S. Chahal

Chairman (GB), CRRIT

I am happy to know that Chhotu Ram Rural Institute of Technology is launching its website This is an important decision of the Institute authorities as regards the transmission of information about the rules and regulations of the Institute and it’s acts. This will greatly help the parents of the Institute students and the public, its staff members and the performance of the Institute at the click of the mouse. This website will also be used to provide the information about the social-cultural activities being organized by the Institute. The faculty may be able to post their specific lessons on the website for the benefit of the student community of CRRIT and other Institutes as well. At a later stage this system will be updated to send the result of the students to parents and get the comments of the parents. I compliment and congratulate the staff members of the CRRIT, Kanjhawala for their initiative to launch this website and I hope that it will be kept updated by regularly posting the desired information on this web site.

Sh. S.S. Solanki

Secretary (GB), CRRIT

It gives me immense pleasure to know that Chhotu Ram Rural Institute of Technology, Kanjhawala is launching institute's website for public domain. This website will reflect the landmark achievement made by the Institute and the various services offered for the overall development of students. In the present knowledge era, every person has a right to access the information for self development and the website is the right option and platform for those, who desire to learn about the advancements taking place at this institute. The website will give updated information about glimpse of achievements. It also contains information about assistance of technical, administrative and supporting staff who have contributed equally in development of various technologies and their transfer through the out-reach extension programmes for the all round development of students. I congratulate, each and every member of the team who contributed significantly to the development of the Institute’ website.