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Sir Chhotu Ram Educational Trust was established on 22nd September 1982 with an explicit aim of perpetuating the memory of Sir Chhotu Ram by starting institutions with objectives and aims inter alias of Development of Rural Areas and Reconstruction through :

  • Imparting General, Technical and Medical Education to the people of Rural Sector of India, irrespective of caste and creed.
  • Interaction with the rural masses for a close understanding of the changing socio-economic conditions and culture of the rural people.
  • Tracing the relevant documents/literature on the contribution of Jat community to the Indian Society and preserving them for future reference. A database may be prepared for the same.
  • Extension of proven Science & Technology Applications for the Upliftment of Rural Economy, living standards and environment of rural people.
  • Providing Rural Entrepreneurial Development Programs for generating self-employment potential in Rural Areas.
  • Promotion of Research & Development Projects in agriculture, Traditional Crafts in villages and small scale Industries.

General Education

For imparting general education to the rural young, the Trust has established three Public Schools in the rural areas, namely :

  • Deen Bandhu Public School, Ghevera, Delhi
  • Sir Chhotu Ram Public School, Hasangarh, Rohtak, Haryana
  • Sir Chhotu Ram Public School, Chhara, Rohtak, Haryana

A notable feature of the policy framework of these schools is to give special weight age to the students from nearby rural areas in admissions. Besides imparting general education to the students, the school staff also provides guidance in respect of various national level competitive and entrance examinations, skill improvement in handling day to day activities at home or in village and promotion of old cultural practices of village society.

Technical Education

For imparting technical education to the rural youths, the Trust has established Chhotu Ram Rural Institute of Technology at Kanjhawala, Delhi. This Institute imparts technical education up to diploma level in the fields of Pharmacy, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Medical Electronics, Digital Electronics, Instrumentation & Control and Architecture Assistant Ship. A notable feature of the Institute's policy framework is to give special weight age to the students from rural areas in admissions with the result that students from the rural areas constitute more than 80% of the total enrolment. The Trust has a Placement Cell for helping the students in securing training and jobs.

Community Polytechnic

A notable feature of the Community Polytechnic is to impart technical training and education in various fields to the less educated and uneducated rural youths for self-employment in their own villages. At present, Sir Chhotu Ram Educational Trust is running six Community Polytechnic Centers in Delhi and Haryana. The scheme has been sponsored by Ministry of Human Recourse & Development, Government of India.

Centre for Study of Contributions of JAT Community

The Trust has set up this Centre to achieve the following objectives:

  • To trace the relevant historical documents/literature on the contributions of Jat community to the Indian society.
  • To trace authentic photographs of Jat heroes.
  • To promote and guide researchers to work in the area.
  • To promote traditional cultural practices of Jat community in the younger generation of the society.

Rural Development

This is being carried out through the following projects:

  • Organization entrepreneurial development programmes for the rural educated young people with emphasis on generating self-employment potential.
  • Up gradation of technology-marketing nexus in the informal sector.
  • Identification of Socio-economic projects, which rural women could undertake on a flexible time basis for improving overall rural economy and augmenting family income.
  • Promoting integrated projects for social and economic upliftment.

Seminars & Conferences

National Seminars/Conference/Workshops are organized on issues of national importance having bearing on the objectives of the Trust. Some of the recent ones were:

  • International Conference on "Jat Youths"
  • National level Conference on "Problems and Prospects of Rural Education"
  • National Seminar was organized on "Contributions of Sir Chhotu Ram to Society"
  • National Seminar on "Modern Technologies and Rural Development"


The Trust has brought out many books and proceedings of seminars, conferences and workshops. There is a proposal to bring out reports on the applied research projects as well as publications on the themes of topical interest by experts to be commissioned for the purpose.


Sir Chhotu Ram Educational Trust operates through close collaboration with Central and State Government Departments and Non-Government Organizations:

  • Education
  • Rural Development
  • Agriculture & Co-operation
  • Technical Education
  • Human Recourse & Development
  • Science & Technology

Financial Resources Management

The Trust runs its schools, Colleges and other programmes on Donations received from the public in India and abroad, specifically the members of the JAT Community. Therefore please donate generously to this Trust. Send your donations to Sir Chhotu Ram Educational Trust, Delhi. These Donations are exempt from Income Tax.

For the Cause of Education in Rural Areas

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