Academic Cell

As per direction of  Secretary (G.B) and Chairman (G.B), the Academic Cell/Committe is constituted. The role & functions of this committee are:

1. The Committee will meet on last Friday, every month at 03:00 pm in the Conference Hall.

2. Arranging Expert lectures at least once in a month department wise.

3. Debate/Quiz competition once in a month.

4. Award of sessionals & Maintaining the standard of sessional question papers.

5. Committee will suggest ways for improving the academic standard of the institute.

6. H.O.D's of respective branches will meet the students once in a month and being forward their problems & suggestions before the Academic Cell.

7. The convener will submit monthly report and minutes of the meeting to undersigned.

Members of the Academic Cell

1. Dr. Aman Kumar Sinha (H.O.D in Humanities)                   Convener

2.  Mr. Pradeep Kumar Patel (H.O.D in E & C)                       Member

3. Mrs. Arti Mishra (H.O.D in I & C)                                       Member

4. Mrs. Suman (H.O.D in Architecture)                                    Member

5. Mr. Rajiv Kumar Soni (H.O.D in Mechanical)                       Member

6.  Mrs. Bhawana Ahlawat (Lecturer in E & C)                        Member   

7. Mrs. Shivani Balyan (Lecturer in Electrical)                        Member  

8. Mr. Sanjeet Sharma (Lecturer in Digitel)                           Member         

9. Mr. Dinesh Gahlot (Lecturer in Medical)                             Member   

10.Mrs. Suchitra (Lecturer in Medical)                                    Member 

11.Mr. S.R Khan (Lecturer in Civil)                                         Member